The 4 least healthy world cuisines

It’s hard to maintain a healthy diet when you are eating in restaurants. And with all the different cuisines, you really don’t know what cuisines are the least healthy. If you want to eat in restaurants such such as Lorentto Pizza at Bondi and still want to eat healthy you must know the least healthy world cuisines. Click here to read some tips on selecting a good restaurant.

This is the four least healthy world cuisines:

Italian cuisine

Italian-cuisineThere are no other cuisines that are so tasty than Italian cuisines. The Italians know how to prepare food, but they don’t think about preparing healthy food. The most famous Italian food is Pasta and Pizza. And both the pasta and pizza are not    very healthy to eat, because of the cheese, oils, saturated fats and salts. With just some few changes, you can make Italian cuisine a bit healthier.
You don’t have to avoid these four least healthy cuisines. You just must know which dishes are healthier.

Chinese cuisine

Chinese-cuisineIf you think about Chinese food, you would think that it’s healthier, because of all the vegetables. But, you would be wrong. Chinese food is mostly vegetables, but is loaded with salt and monosodium glutamate. And don’t forget about all the unhealthy sauces that adds flavor. Most of the Chinese cuisine is fried food in oil. The vegetables might be healthy, but it’s being very unhealthy prepared with the Chinese cuisine. This makes the chinese cuisine the unhealthiest cuisine in the world. If you want to order Chinese food, ask that the sauces of the Chinese food left out. This will ensure a healthier meal.

American cuisine

American-cuisineYou hear American or (even Australian cuisine for that matter) and you are thinking of ribs, chicken wings, hot dogs and hamburgers. Mostly all of them covered in a barbeque sauce. They are all very high in saturated fat. Saturated fat is not good for your heart and overall health. Then there are all the staple foods like bread and chips that are adding to the unhealthy cuisine. Then the processed meats like the ham and bacon are also unhealthy. They are high in sodium. These are all American cuisines that we all love, but that are very unhealthy. American cuisine doesn’t have that many vegetables on the plates, mostly meats. If you want to eat healthy, you must try to avoid eating ‘traditional’ American cuisine.

Indian cuisine

Indian cuisine is mostly curries, spices and rice. The curries are made with full cream and lots of sugar.Indian-cuisine
Both ingredients that is bad for your health. Indian cuisine also includes many fried items like samosas. The oil that the samosas are fried in is unhealthy for the heart and overall health. Although there are some healthy options of the Indian cuisine, it’s on the rare side. You must know your Indian cuisine if you want to order it in a restaurant or online and still want to eat healthy. If you are eating in a restaurant and want to eat healthy, you must realise that these four cuisines are the unhealthiest of the world cuisines and you must be careful in ordering them.